“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one” – John Lennon. Dreamers of the world unite and take over. #dreamMaker is your community for achieving greatness.

Inspired by Charles Ressler’s #dreamMaker movement on Twitter, #dreamMaker is a mobile application dedicated to making dreams come true by bringing dreamers and dreammakers together.

Whether your dream is as grand as traveling the world or as simple as learning to cook, share your dream on #dreamMaker and let the community crowdsource you a solution. From there, dreamers work with their dreammaker to make their dream a reality.

As a young entrepreneur, Charles understands the struggles of shooting for the stars. It can be difficult to reach your dreams when you don’t have support.


What separates Charles from other entrepreneurs is his willingness to help others and give them the support they desire. Through the Twitter movement alone, Charles has already helped fulfill 35 dreams by facilitating the connections that matter.

After seeing the success of #dreamMaker on Twitter, Charles had a new dream of his own: build a dedicated #dreamMaker community. That’s where we come in. Arctic Empire partnered with Charles to design and develop a mobile app that would serve as a permanent residence for #dreamMaker.

It’s been a great honour working with Charles and helping him accomplish his dream. It just goes to show, every dreamer needs a dreammaker.

“Don’t give up doing what you really want to do. Where there is love & inspiration, you cannot go wrong!” – Charles Ressler, Founder of #dreamMaker.

#dreamMaker is available on iOS and Android devices. Download today and start living your dream!