October 11th, 2015

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Sometimes news comes in like a flood, and sometimes it comes in like a flicker. While this week would probably be categorized more into the latter for mobile. Microsoft held a presser and announced some cool new products; namely the new Surface and Display Dock, as well as a super cool demo for their AR device, HoloLens.

But you already know that. Instead let’s take a look at some of the lesser known happens of this week and explore their implications for mobile.

Now, time to get you caught up.


Gaming on iOS 9


Kotaku wrote a great piece of the recent controversy with particular games being taken off the App Store since the recent iOS 9 update. What started as an anomaly has quickly taken off trending – from Bioshock to Tales of Monkey Island – many of the App Store’s most exciting, premium games have been removed from the App Store due to incompatibility with iOS 9.

The ‘why’ isn’t super important here, the big source of controversy is the lack of accountability from both Apple and the app publishers. While no one is jumping to take credit for the removals, neither is even willing to accept responsibility.

And to make things worse, when a game or app is deleted from the App Store, it’s also deleted from your purchase history, making refunds dead in the water. Suffice to say, people are pissed and can you blame them? Let’s hope this gets figured out sooner rather than later.


Apple Update

apple_tv_with_plugs-rotatedAccording to a report from 9to5Mac, sources indicate that the revamped Apple TV streaming box would begin retail sales in November. It was previously reported that Apple TV would be publically available sometime in October. And while it’s only a minor delay, if you were hoping for an early October release or had some kind of weird Apple TV launch bet, you may be out of luck.


What’s New in Social

If you hate change than these coming weeks are going to be hard on you. Earlier this week Facebook announced Reactions, the revamped Dislike button, would be testing soon in certain regions and rolling out shortly. And now the Facebook app will be getting a pretty major overhaul in the Profile department.

While Facebook UI updates have often been polarizing to say the least, this week’s news has been fairly well-received – especially considering the publics undying desire for a proper Dislike button for whatever reason

In my opinion though, these updates sound great. Profile videos? Sign me up! I can now spam ‘Wow’ emojis on peoples status? Bring it on. I say the more change, the better.



Because who want’s to reach into their pocket to see that dancing cat sticker your mom sent you? Seriously though, Facebook Messenger coming to Apple Watch was as likely as


What do you think of Facebook’s Reaction substitute for the Dislike button? Have you lost any purchased games because of iOS 9? Sounds off below and let us know! 

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