Business owners may not always recognize the importance or value of certain technologies. One of the biggest issues or dilemmas they face, is in failing to see the incredible ROI on mobile apps. Whether your business is small to medium in size, if you are without a mobile app, you are missing a big opportunity. “But our site features responsive web design!” you might say. While that was once all that might have been needed, a simple web presence is no longer enough. Instead, you will want to align yourself with a mobile app development company and get to work right away on the creation of a relevant, appealing and effective app.

Dedicating time and resources to Android app development and iPhone app development is an important decision. Consider what Entrepreneur had to say about it:

“This rise in mobile-phone usage means that smartphone apps have become a key marketing tool for companies of all sizes, including small businesses.”

Working with a skilled and experienced mobile app development company will provide you with a resource that will:

  • Increase customer engagement, as well as your engagement with them
  • Increase visitation
  • Offer methods for online transactions (this could enable customers to get push promotions while on the premises, use “loyalty cards” or points systems, and even complete ecommerce exchanges)
  • Create coupons and allow them to be redeemed on the device or via the device
  • Boost branding through visual cues, logos and even color schemes

Of course, you may be eager to enjoy such benefits and introduce a mobile app, but also believe you are without the resources for iOS and/or Android app development. After all, it will require design, technical knowhow and the ability to ensure continuity across all channels (mobile website, app, social media, website and more). That is why it is advisable to turn to a mobile app development company.

What’s Involved in iOS and Android App Development?

The process of iOS and Android app development is complex, and will involve everything from the programming and coding of a customized app to the testing that ensures it is effective on all types of devices. Proper mobile app development is also going to mean that your Android and iPhone app development company will have the skill to integrate whatever features you require.

Whether that is mobile reservations or orders, access to loyalty cards or coupon codes, or interaction while in a shop or location, your Android and iPhone app development company needs the marketing, strategy, creative, development and web services it takes to be a good provider.

While you always want the input of a skilled and professional web design company, and insightful ecommerce website development, don’t forget the incredible significance of iOS and Android app development. Regardless of your responsive web design, without a mobile app, it may be as if you have no online presence at all. Consumers of all kinds are looking for the direct engagement that comes only through an app, and the advantages it offers to you (as a business), make it the wisest “next step” in your marketing plan.