Anyone with a website or online business has heard (at least once, if not hundreds of times) that “content is king”. There is a lot of validity to that because it is content that drives traffic, yet, there is something missing from that phrase. It should include the word creative – i.e. “creative content is king”. It might alternately be unique or timely content, too.

This is something that a lot of website owners do not quite understand, and it is a perfectly understandable matter. After all, hearing that your content should be unique, creative and timely does not explain the mechanics of “why”; just why does it need to be those things. In a word: Google.

Love or not, Google is the reigning search engine and its search algorithm is a make or break element in most websites. Try to use best practices for issues like SEO, and you start to enjoy success in your organic SERPs. Use the most well chosen keywords on your PPC ads or other paid advertising, and you see similar successes.

Yet, reaching the first page does not mean you stay there. In fact, you can be knocked back to the lower pages quickly if you fail in the area of content. That is why you may want to partner up with creative content creators who can give you the advantages and edge that this approach promises.

A Simple Example of Creative Content at Work

Google’s algorithm awards sites that have relevant material. When it is updated often, shared widely, linked back to by others, and created with the most potent keywords at the right percentages, it creates SEO magic. That, however, is a lot to manage – and especially if you are also running a business, building your audience and converting leads into clients.

If you can hand over the creation of powerful content to those with expertise in such matters, you are empowering yourself to do much more where it matters – building the business.

Creative content may be limited to words alone, but you are far better off if you work with your creators to make shareable materials like infographics, videos, podcasts and blogs that get them talking. The point of all content is to attract attention, but it must first target your chosen audience.

That means giving them something, asking for nothing, yet leaving them eager to hear more from you. This takes super creative minds if that sort of material is to be produced on a regular basis. Keep in mind that it must also work with the demands of the Google algorithm, featuring words and terms recognized by crawlers and giving points for relevance, uniqueness and authority.

Can you keep the pace needed to achieve success with creative content? Few business owners can, and it is why you will want to reach out to the team at Arctic Empire. Specializing in creative web solutions, and much more, they can provide you with plans for ongoing, creative content that is sure to take your website just where you hoped it would go!